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This bookmark depicts the Name of Yehovah in Hebrew with the full vowels as confirmed in over 2,000 Hebrew Bible Manuscripts from around the world!

The back depicts the three words that combine to form the name Yehovah as alluded to in Exodus 3:14-15.

The key to understanding the meaning of the name Yehovah in Exodus 3:14 is Ehyeh “I am”. Ehyeh literally means "I will be". Yehovah is a combination of three forms of that same verb, "to be": haya (“He was”), hoveh (“He is”), and yihiyeh (“He will be”).
When you combine haya, hoveh, and yihiyeh (He was, He is, He will be) you get Yehovah.

You will receive 12 book markers in a package.  These make great gifts and to use to teach the Name of Yehovah!

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