The Karaite Files

A Rood Awakening

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As seen on Michael Rood’s Shabbat Night Live!

While attending the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Nehemia Gordon had a summer job as an archaeologist — removing dirt from the dirt floor of an ancient building. Using a toothbrush, he spent the entire summer stripping away dirt that “didn’t belong” with the “true dirt” that comprised the ancient foundation. The experience became his model for a lifetime of mining the truth.

In order to get to the foundation of our faith, we need to strip away layers upon layers of tradition built up over centuries of manmade religion. We need to remove what “doesn’t belong” to get to the ancient foundation of what we believe and why we believe it.

In The Karaite Files, Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon challenge you to strip away centuries of Christian and Jewish tradition to reveal the simple, brilliant beauty of what is truly “in the Bible” — and to expose what is not!

Eight (8) Disc DVD Set of an 8-episode series