The Naming of Jesus in Hebrew Matthew

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The Gospel of Matthew was originally written in Hebrew before being translated into Greek and other languages. The Hebrew version of Matthew survives in at least twenty-eight manuscripts copied by Jewish scribes in the Middle Ages. Among the most important manuscripts of Hebrew Matthew is the one preserved in the British Museum Library. A full-color reproduction of a section of this manuscript is now available for the first time as an 24" x 18" poster; a miniature reproduction is featured on the front cover of this booklet. The reproduction contains the story of the naming of Jesus as told in Hebrew Matthew 1:18-25 and includes the original form of Jesus Hebrew name: Yeshua. This booklet contains information about the poster reproduction of Hebrew Matthew including a Hebrew transcription, an English translation, and detailed explanations. Learn about the unique features of Hebrew Matthew, about the traditions that guided the Jewish scribes who transmitted this ancient text, and how the name Yeshua became Jesus .


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