The Waters of Salvation

A Rood Awakening

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Michael Rood hosts Passover 2019

Passover 2019: The Waters of Salvation showcases exciting, new information that connects the Split Rock at Rephidim in Saudi Arabia with Yeshua’s miracle at the Pool of Siloam … and what this connection means for end time events!

This multi-disc set includes:

  • Passover: The Waters of Salvation seder narrative with Michael Rood (1 DISC)
  • Shabbat Night Live: Passover 2019 Edition with Michael Rood
  • The Waters of Salvation teachings with Nehemia Gordon (3 DISCS)
  • Health teaching with Scott Laird
  • Aviv Fellowships teaching with David Robinson 


Seven (7) DVD disc set of a 7 episode series